Monday, February 17, 2014

The tinfoil is getting hot

So as a couple of Danes seems to have noted, my favorite topic has landed in the press again. NemID and the implications of it's usage in a profit driven sector.

Actually i just had my hard encounter with it. Not having ever accepted the Terms of Usage, provided by both NemID OCES 2, and E-Boks, I am not upheld by the laws to actually using the system. The funny construction is that even as I refuse to accept the conditions, the product is provided to me. By laws I have no ownership or responsibility of the system, and the users of the system don't have responsibility for anything posted for the E-Boks system as their responsibility ends with the act of posting. The fact no one according to laws have access to the information therein and no one have responsibility of the information within that system. It's a wonderful catch 44 construction.

What worries me though is the fact that the products have been created and can't, even though it's part of the conditions, be deleted. Anyway that isn't my point, as that's old news and nothing have changed in that construction, whether it's intentional or not.

What has changed is that recently the sales of the system to an investing group of United States.

Nothing in this is much of a surprise really, but the public reaction to it is a surprise.
Suddenly people are somewhat aware that when a US based corporation owns your login credentials, the information therein is no longer secret. Nor is it a secret anymore that there's quite financial gain to be had from gathering the Meta data of all people in DK.
Of course, it haven't reached that level yet, but it's slowly building that way.

At time of writing the idea and general optics are that with NemID ownership, US corporation will have unlimited access to any bids put out by a danish corporation, and will misuse that to their advantage in a negotiation where it would prove profitable.
Again this isn't new, with recent times of poking around what the NSA had access to, that's old news again. Yet to the public it's new and outrageous.

The default stance by the government is still that using that information is illegal and therefore misuse will not happen... One would wonder if they really are that naive and stupid.

Corruption would be an option, but somehow I don't think it. Frankly I'm starting to believe they really are that naive and stupid.

Bottom line is that this summer will see the legislative figth over this crap, how and when someone will be outed with hands too deep in the wrong pockets is still an open question. frankly it could take many years before that happens, I just hope it happens before I'm completely dragged through the system. I need the believe that my efforts are not futile.